Artist Paula Dean smashes all the rules of fabric art with unexpected combinations of paint, dye and fiber.  Paula’s sense of artistic freedom hails from a rich heritage and legacy of creators in Eastern Virginia and her artworks often yield surprising and captivating results!


Paula’s inventive process incorporates layers of fabric, paper, paint, dye and even found objects marrying her two passions:  mixed media and fiber.  Her creative approach to each new piece begins with a simple plan that quickly takes its own path of originality and emotions stirred.  Everything she creates carries intuition moving the piece in its own direction instead of following rules.  Paula thrives on pushing design elements to the edge, adding excitement, energy, and flavor to her art. 


When not creating in her studio, Paula enjoys family time, travel, and the great outdoors with her husband, two daughters and four granddaughters

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Studio on the Bluff - Paula C Dean - Artist

 Barhamsville, VA

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