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Fabric Collage

45 minute lecture with Q and A

The twist and turns to discovering the technique used in my fabric collage.    We discuss fabrics choices and training your eye to look at motifs in an entirely different way.   Observe my process as I add snippets of fabric to a fabric collage and the process to determine what works and why some do not work. We discuss the many different ways to adhere the fabric pieces and finishing your quilt 


Playful Patterning with Paints, Dyes, and Inks

45 minute lecture with Q and A

Tools from kitchen and hardware stores plus other items you may have around your house can make incredibly interesting marks on fabric! Wire whisks, spatulas, string, gift cards, and bubble wrap are just a few of the items you can use to pattern fabric that is uniquely yours. Join me as I show fabric examples using these tools and others. (If the space allows for a demonstration, we will observe my process as I print fabrics using gelatin plate monoprinting with found objects)  Empty out that junk drawer and discover the wonders of printing your own patterns on fabric! 

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