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Exploring Photo Transfer

Do you have the perfect image to add to your art but are not sure how to execute it? I have an old door hanging on my wall that was on my husbands grandparents first home. We found the door in an old barn and I knew it had so much more life to live. The peeling paint and unique style was perfect for the new series I am working on. Here is the first in this series using one of these transfers.

Look at that rustic weathered wood. If only this door could tell me its story and share some of the life it has seen.

I put the image through several photo editing filters and settled on this one for project I had in mind.

I knew I wanted to add this image to an art quilt and I wanted to keep the texture that made the door so unique. I created this video of my experiments with several products as I was trying to figure out how I wanted to transfer this door. I am happy with the results and can use this information in future products.

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Lee McLean
Lee McLean
Sep 07, 2021

I've never seen this done, so this was helpful. I would probably give this a try now.


Paula, I loved watching this experiment and am eager to get to work on some of my photographs … choosing the product to use will be so much easier now!

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