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I Dare You

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Sometimes an idea hits and I can't let it go. It nags at me until I give in and explore the possibilities. This was one of those times. I created a 12X12 piece that I planned to be my donation to the SAQA benefit auction and was not happy with it. Sometimes a piece doesn't turn out the way you envision and I am ok with that. I am not going to force it.

I started a sketch on paper. My faces are usually so serious and border line sad so I was really happy with this expression. This was sketched with a ruling pen and water soluble ink.

Now to translate this sketch to fabric. But wait, my first attempt at a 12 X12 auction donation didn't work out. Shouldn't I be working on that instead? Could I do both with this one?

I started sketching. I don't attempt to copy a sketch. I prefer use the sketch as inspiration and work intuitively to see what happens. This one looks a little somber. What is this person trying to say? I like it but would anyone else? Would anyone bid on it at the auction?

I decided to submit it. What I discovered during this process is that I prefer to create for me. There is a connection to a piece when I create naturally and not try to make art that I think others will like. This piece talks to me and wants me to hear the story.

What does it say to you?

This is "I Dare You". Dare to be different. Dare to take the chance. Dare to live on the edge.

Dare to make the hard choice. Have the audacity. I dare you!

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